Where interventions in the environment are fixed afterwards

Mining for lime is not possible without effects to nature. In order to keep them as small as possible, the environment plays a part in all we do. For example, the recent expansion of our quarry was accompanied by environment protection agencies. Additionally, we are active in the renaturation of no-longer-used sites and create habitats for wild bees. Through these efforts, we not only protect nature, we are also support our region that should stay a good place to live for humans, animals and plants.


«We work closely with environment protection NGOs to keep the effects on the environment as little as possible.»

Heinz Marti, CEO of Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

A home for wild bees

By purposefully introducing dead wood structures, KFN creates habitats for wild bees. In this unique micro climate, 31 wild bee species have found a home today.

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No place for alien plants

To stop the further spread of plants that are alien to our region, KFN is active in the fight against neophytes.

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«I wish others would be like KFN»

Barbara Fierz, manager of Pro Natura Glarus, sheds a light on the co-operation between environment protection groups and KFN.

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