Lime for chemistry & Plastics

Extra fine calcium hydroxide without black spots

Efficient chemical processes and innovative plastics

KFN lime is multitalented in the chemical industry. Its uses are very wide-ranging – and continue to grow thanks to new intelligent uses. Our quicklime products are a functional partner in diverse chemical processes and can be the part of the basic material that is used for paints and coatings, pigments, glues, thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, shaping and filler material, plaster, paper and pulp, soda, glass and ceramics.

What makes KFN lime products unique:

  • High white levels without black spots, 96.8% (Spectro Color, Ry)
  • Highest possible calcium hydroxide content reaching above 98%
  • Extra fine calcium hydroxide for faster chemical reactions (100% < 0.02 mm)
  • Consistent high quality
  • Meets our customers’ demands

Chemical additives

KFN lime stabilizes, neutralizes, dries

KFN lime stabilizes, neutralizes, dries The processing of plastics like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has long ago become unthinkable without our quick lime and hydrated lime products. As both a chemical and mechanical stabilizer, our high-class hydrated lime nekablanc® 0 ensures perfect optical features and a high quality of the plastic surfaces. The fine, white KFN limes nekafin® 0 and nekafin® 2 are efficient drying agents and change pH values. Additionally, our quick lime products are used as additives in chemical conversions, physical-chemical treatment processes and in neutralization. Further fields of application are the refining of ores into nonferrous metals (like copper, gold, silver or aluminum), waste water treatment and the recycling in chemical production processes.

Chemical raw materials

For lime-containing products of consistent quality

The KFN hydrated limes nekablanc® 0 and nekablanc® 2 ensure a consistently high product quality as basic material, additives and neutralizing agents. The reason is their very low share of minor components, which makes for their high purity. Our quick white lime products are used in the production of calcium-containing products used as non-toxic stabilizers, such as calcium stearate, used as lubricant. 

Chemical active ingredient

Efficient, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly

KFN quick lime and hydrated lime also play an important role in the production of paper or cement, and in their function as a pH-stable base. For example, a milk of lime made from the very white, pure and fine hydrated lime nekablanc® 0 is used in activating hydrogen peroxide in the production of paper. This quicklime and highly reactive product is much more efficient and cost-effective than sodium hydroxide solution. It is also less of a contamination for effluent water. This high-class reactivity is also the reason why our fine white lime nekafin® 2 is the additive of choice when the setting of concrete is to be slowed down or fastened.

Lime products for chemistry & Plastics


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Food & Medicine

Healthy, enjoyable food starts with white lime from our factory. It has been certified according to ISO 22000 for food and animal feed uses.

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Industry & Construction

The buildings, roads and pathways of tomorrow are built using the finest Swiss white lime-products from KFN.

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Agriculture & Environment

Sustainable farming and healthy growth made possible using the high quality, pure lime products by KFN.

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You will find innovative ideas for health and quality-of-life-products in the pure white lime coming from KFN – lime that has been certified for food and drinking water uses. 

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