Where resources are put to an ecological use

An important pillar of our activities in the field of sustainability is our gentle use of resources. In the course of the past years we have, inter alia, significantly reduced the amount of waste when producing and processing lime. What is more, our company now produces no waste water whatsoever. Thanks to our own water treatment plant, we can clean the water coming out of our lime production ourselves and recycle it. We are thus active in environment protection that works.

«Following our strategy of ‘small, but beautiful’ we aim for the same output with less use of resources.»

Dr Konrad H. Marti, Head of Company Development, Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

Success figures

Success figures

-10% less resources used
since 2010

0% waste water
thanks to own water treatment plant

-20% less waste
per year

«Watching closely has always been KFN’s trademark»

Heinz Marti, CEO of KFN, explains the company’s efforts in protecting resources and the many benefits this brings with it.

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Lime production without sewage

Even though KFN needs to clean huge quantities of limestone, it can do so without causing sewage. This is thanks to its own sewage treatment facility.

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«Lime is like a magic potion»

Peter Briner, CEO of Peter Briner AG, shows the benefits of lime hydrate for farming, having emanated from the filters of KFN’s production. 

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