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Innovative ideas for health and quality of life found in clean White lime

Lime is part of our everyday life. Our KFN lime products made from the highly pure Elggis mountain natural stone are an important part in the everyday lives of many. KFN calcium hydroxides are part of many innovative production processes. Their reactive, neutralizing and disinfecting effects are used for example in new dental therapies, in dermatology and for soda lime used in anesthesia. Yet lime can do even more: calcium carbonate is an active ingredient in many research and development projects aimed at a sustainable quality of life. 

What makes KFN lime products unique

  • Suitable for food production and drinking water treatment
  • Highest possible Ca(OH)2 content reaching above 98%
  • Extra fine calcium hydroxide for faster chemical reactions (100% < 0.02 mm)
  • Consistent high Quality
  • Meets our customers’ demands
  • Individual packaging solutions and quantities



Human health

Trend-Setting dentistry

In dentist’s treatments such as the apexification in the root canal, Ca(OH)2 from KFN can stimulate the building of hard substance thanks to its basic pH value, thus contributing to the fortification of the tooth. In the treatment of root canals, calcium hydroxide is used for a limited period of time as its superalcaline environment frees the root canal of 90% of the bacteria.

Animals and plants

Environmentally friendly and highly effective

Our lime products made from the pure, natural limestone of the Elggis mountain, not only ensure the calcium supply of animals. KFN calcium hydroxides are also ideally suited as a natural an environmentally friendly solution for stable cleaning and stable hygiene, protecting against bacteria and infectants, such as those that cause hoof and mouth disease. They are also used as smell absorbers in cat litter or as basic ingredient for calcium hydrosilicates („synthetic pet litter“). In fruit-growing, our calcium hydroxides offer an environmentally friendly alternative in pest management, as it does not leave any residue in the food chain. They are used as repellants against the spotted-wing drosophila (drosophila suzukii) and as a fungicide against apple scab (venturia inaequalis) and neonectrina galligena and are completely free from synthetic pesticides or antibiotics.

Research and development

For energy, our climate and many more uses

Our lime products are suitable for uses in climate engineering, where some think about neutralizing the oceans using lime ore experiment with mineral sponges for climate friendly living. The thermochemical processes used in the hydration of our calcium oxide (CaO) are a model for research projects dealing with the energy supply of the future. The possibilities for utilising pure Netstal white lime, ideal for both food production and drinking water treatment, are endless.

Lime products for life science


Swiss Lime

Chemistry & Plastics

Efficient chemical processes and innovative plastics thanks to the incomparably pure hydrated lime from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Food & Medicine

Healthy, enjoyable food starts with white lime from our factory. It has been certified according to ISO 22000 for food and animal feed uses.

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Swiss Lime

Industry & Construction

The buildings, roads and pathways of tomorrow are built using the finest Swiss white lime-products from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Agriculture & Environment

Sustainable farming and healthy growth made possible using the high quality, pure lime products by KFN.

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