Lump lime of KFN

Lump lime for the production of high-grade steel

In the production of quality steel, our industrial customers bank on our specially processed lump lime. It has been used for decades to remove impurities from high-grade steel types.

For high-grade steel

Many of our good ideas have their origins from our intensive dialogue with our customers. This is also true for our sieved, very pure fine lump lime nekafer® 15. Used as an alkaline aggregate, this highly pure calcium oxide from KFN serves to remove impurities from molten steel. Lump lime binds sulphur, phosphorus and manganese, inter alia.

nekafer® 15 straight from our silo

You will receive our lump lime exactly in the quantity you need. Usually, we ship nekafer® 15 to you in bulk and via rail. However, we are also prepared for your individual shipping and transport wishes, to include packaging and lot size.

Highest purity

The KFN lime comes from the Elggis mountain and its content of CaCO3 is naturally high: it is above 98 %.

High reactivity

With a measured t60 value of under 40 seconds, KFN offers a lime with a very fast reaction time.

Constant high quality

The consistent spread of the individual grain sizes of our white hydrated lime-products is continually monitored. Additionally, the chemical purity and the humidity of the powder are constantly checked.

Lump lime products


Swiss Lime

Chemistry & Plastics

Efficient chemical processes and innovative plastics thanks to the incomparably pure hydrated lime from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Food & Medicine

Healthy, enjoyable food starts with white lime from our factory. It has been certified according to ISO 22000 for food and animal feed uses.

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Swiss Lime

Industry & Construction

The buildings, roads and pathways of tomorrow are built using the finest Swiss white lime-products from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Agriculture & Environment

Sustainable farming and healthy growth made possible using the high quality, pure lime products by KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Life Science

You will find innovative ideas for health and quality-of-life-products in the pure white lime coming from KFN – lime that has been certified for food and drinking water uses. 

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