Gravel Mixes

Certified gravels mixes OC 85, OC 75 - frost-proofed, normed

Certified under the norms SN 670119-NA, EN 13242/EN 13285

Gravel mix (KG 0/45) OC 85

Our gravel mix, certified under the Norm SN 670119-NA, is especially in demand from engineering and road construction companies. Produced from the Elggis mountain in the Swiss canton of Glarus, our KFN gravel mix offers a material that provides roads, runways, paths and pathways through woods a stable bed. Our clean material has only few fines and a very gradual grading range from 0-45 mm. Beds made from our KFN gravel mix are characterized by being frost-proof and endurable.

The frost-proof, uncombined mix from KFN carries many thousands of kilometers of paths through forests and fields in Switzerland. Apart from its use as the foundation for KFN Netstaler 0-15 mm, mired, the enduring natural pavement, it is frequently used as a gravel bed on which a pavement of asphalt or concrete is put.

Grain size

0-45 mm