The fight against alien species – to protect native biodiversity

KFN actively fights neophytes in the region

To protect the local flora, KFN is actively engaged in the fight against neophytes. The beneficiaries from this long-standing engagement are not just the local plants, but biodiversity as a whole throughout the region.


They come from several places all over the world, get established in our nature and crowd out native species. We are talking about invasive, alien plants, also called neophytes. As they endanger the existing flora – and with it the livelihood of several native beings – and in some cases also affect humans negatively, it is important to stop them from spreading further.

Long-standing engagement

KFN is active in this fight. In this context several actions have been taken over the course of the past years, where staff members actively fought neophytes such as goldenrod and buddleia. Together with local conservation organizations we could thus do our share for a maintaining a diverse nature in Switzerland. As unfortunately it is practically impossible to fully eradicate an established, fast-spreading plant, we will continue our efforts in this field. For the benefit of local plants, beings and an intact nature.