Sand, grit & concrete gravel

Versatile limestone sand, limestone grit and concrete gravel from limestone

Broken, dried and rounded

Versatile uses

Limestone sand

The broken and washed limestone sand 0-4 mm wet and limestone sand 0-2 mm dry are suitable for plasters, artificial stone-products, stairs, windowsills, water troughs and for standard concrete production.

Grain sizes
0 – 2 mm dry
0 – 4 mm wet

Broken, dried and rounded

Limestone grit

The broken, washed and rounded limestone grit in the sizes 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm and 16-32 mm is used in gardens and for walking paths, for flat roofs and as seeping pebbles or filtering stones. The grit components can be mixed freely according to your demands.

Grain sizes

4 – 8 mm
8 – 16 mm
16 – 32 mm
4 – 16 mm
4 – 32 mm
8 –  32 mm

or a mixture of sand 0 – 4 mm (40%) and grit  8 – 16 mm (60%)

Waterproof and frost-resistant

Concrete gravel

We produce concrete gravel from limestone in the grain sizes sand/grit 0-8 mm, 0-16 and 0-32 mm. It is broken, washed and rounded, so as to consist of so-called grit components. Used in standard and sprayed concrete it excels by being waterproof as well as frost- and deicing salt-resistant.

Grain sizes

Sand / grit 0-8 mm, 0-16 mm 0-32 mm