Quicklime of KFN

Calcium oxide CaO for chemical solutions or soil stabilisation

KFN is the producer of highly pure and very reactive calcium oxide products. Offered in various grain sizes, our quicklime products are the ideal base products for a wide spectrum of applications in the chemical industry, the industrial wastewater cleaning, in the construction of roads and in the construction materials industry.

Offered in three high-end qualities

In order to achieve the renowned KFN CaO-qualities, a part of the burnt, pre-crushed lump lime is finely ground in a roller mill. After an intensive review process, the pure quicklime is stored in our silos and subsequently packed in bags.

We offer three types of quicklime, they differ in grain size: nekafin® 2 and nekasol® 2 as well as the very finely ground nekafin® 0.

nekafin® 0: solutions for the chemical industry

The finest type of our quicklime is used as a raw material for numerous product solutions of the chemical industry. The two very reactive calcium oxides (CaO) nekafin® 0 and nekafin® 2 bind humidity very quickly, which makes them an efficient drying agent in glues, for example.

nekafin® 2: very reactive for the chemical and construction industries

With its high white level nekafin® 2 is the ideal raw material for the production of sand-lime bricks. It takes care of an evenly white color without any impurities that could add other colors. This is important as sand-lime bricks are often not plastered. Along with quartz and water nekafin® 2 makes an optimal production process possible, due to its high reactivity.

The production of milk of lime is a good way to slake the highly reactive calcium oxide. Milk of lime is used in waste incineration plants to neutralize the acid effluents that come from the scrubbing of flue gases and to efficiently separate pollutants.

nekasol® 2: stabilizer in road construction

As a soil stabilizer the highly pure calcium oxide does its share as an additive for loamy soil. Thanks to its high reactivity, this KFN quicklime extracts water from the soil in no time. The calcium ions react with the clay minerals of the loam and condense it to form a stable subsoil.

Highest purity

The KFN lime comes from the Elggis mountain and its content of CaCO3 is naturally high: it is above 98 %.

High Reactivity

With a measured t60 value of under 40 seconds, KFN offers a lime with a very fast reaction time.

Individual packaging solutions

You will receive our quicklime products of the latest generation in PE plastic sacks of 20 kg, in big bags of 1000 kg each or bulk.

Quicklime products


Swiss Lime

Chemistry & Plastics

Efficient chemical processes and innovative plastics thanks to the incomparably pure hydrated lime from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Food & Medicine

Healthy, enjoyable food starts with white lime from our factory. It has been certified according to ISO 22000 for food and animal feed uses.

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Industry & Construction

The buildings, roads and pathways of tomorrow are built using the finest Swiss white lime-products from KFN.

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Agriculture & Environment

Sustainable farming and healthy growth made possible using the high quality, pure lime products by KFN.

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Life Science

You will find innovative ideas for health and quality-of-life-products in the pure white lime coming from KFN – lime that has been certified for food and drinking water uses. 

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