Mountain gravel & gravel sands

Natural surfacing for roads and paths

Sustainable natural cover

Mountain gravel

A solid and stable natural surface mountain Ballast. The ballast from the Elggis mountain in the Swiss canton of Glarus, just like the KFN Netstaler 0 – 15 mm, is suitable for special, natural surfaces in the path construction. Used both as leveling grit and as base layer, it also finds its uses in road construction and underground engineering.

Grain size 0 – 30 mm, without lime mire

Valuable raw material for streets and paths

KFN gravel sand

The unwashed, broken KFN gravel sand is a valuable raw material used especially in the building of streets and paths. Optimally suited for an uncombined mix, KFN gravel sand 0-63 mm takes care of an intact soil. It forms the road bed or base layer on which the railroad track or the pavement for a road will be placed. Thanks to its good pressure resistance, KFN gravel sand is especially suited to take frost or other considerable stresses.

Grain size

0-63 mm