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Since 1900, Kalkfabrik Netstal AG (KFN) fosters the use of white lime as a natural product. Along with building up our company, we accepted our responsibility towards the environment and society. Today, KFN is an innovative company. It constantly decreases its CO2 emissions per ton, finds new uses for environmentally friendly lime, and is an active corporate citizen, deeply rooted in the region. It has far-reaching recultivation projects, thrilling and well-paid jobs and is a sponsor of local life. In our efforts for sustainability, we take the Paris Climate Agreement as a guide and are – typical for us – one step ahead.

KFN takes a holistic view to sustainability

While lowering our CO2 emissions is an important part of KFN’s sustainability efforts, they go far beyond that. We assume responsibility in the ecological, but also in the social and economic fields. We not only constantly lower our CO2 emissions per ton, we also invest in our energy and water cycles and in environment protection, actively care for the health of our employees, look for a solid financing structure of our company and support the local infrastructure. Details for all these topics and many more concerning our activities can be found here in the web as well as in our downloads section.

«We consider sustainability to be a way to the successful future of our clients and our company.»

Heinz Marti, CEO of Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

Success figures

Success figures

-50% COfrom fuel
since 1990

-10% use of resources
seit 2010

-20% waste
per year

(Kopie 5)

Saving resources

By putting a focus on reducing waste and another on products with added benefits we make the efficient use of resources possible.

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Reduce energy & CO2

Investments in modern mining facilities and processing machines lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions large scale.

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Environment, protection of species, recultivation

Using mild mining methods and constantly recultivating the landscape, we are active players in environment protection.

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People & Employees

We provide fair working conditions and support the local infrastructure and local clubs with diverse benefits.

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Products & Innovations

Many of our products have an added ecological benefit. As they are natural, their use does no harm at all to the environment.

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Corporate responsibility

Sustainability is not an empty phrase for us. We live it and take our responsibility as a corporate citizen very serious.

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Following the CO2-Roadmap to a climate positive industry

Reducing CO2 is a central factor to the sustainability concept of KFN. Being a member of the Association of German Lime Producers (Bundesverband der Deutschen Kalkindustrie, BVK) KFN is following the CO2-Roadmap Lime Industry 2050. It shows how the lime industry can develop via climate neutral production until 2050 to a climate positive industry. Central for this effort are progressive production techniques, innovative product uses and focused research.


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Diverse efforts for sustainability

KFN occupies itself with sustainability at all levels. What this means in detail you will learn also in the following documents.


CO2 declaration


Technical data sheets

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