Where innovative product solutions bring an ecological benefit

The areas where lime can be put to use is huge. Be it in farming, road construction or the chemical industry, KFN products are in high regard in a number of industries. Often, lime, being a natural product, is the more ecological alternative to other solutions, thanks also to mining methods that are increasingly sustainable. We also support researchers in finding more, innovative uses for lime products. It is yet another important effort in trying to reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

«Many of our clients value KFN’s products, as they have no negative effects on the environment.»

Oliver Rohner, Head of Marketing and Sales Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

Ecological asphalt enhancement

Enhancing asphalt with hydrated lime leads to positive effects on several fields: from its quality via the longevity of streets built with such asphalt to the lowering of CO2 emissions.

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«Many of our products act as CO2 sinks»

Dr Konrad H. Marti, Head of Company Development at KFN, reports of the current research projects and the diverse efforts of KFN to become part of a climate positive lime industry.

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