White hydrated lime - Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2

Slaked lime for construction industry, chemical production

The white hydrated limes of KFN are used in construction as well as in paper manufacturing, the chemical industry and in the production of food and feed additives. They are made in our modern facilities using precision tuning to produce very fine qualities. And they can be delivered individually in diverse packagings.

The consistent spread of the individual grain sizes of our white hydrated lime-products is continually monitored. Additionally, the chemical purity and the humidity of the powder are constantly checked.

Made in a modern slaking plant

In the production of white hydrated lime the natural reaction energy of calcium oxide is used: it reacts with water releasing a considerable amount of heat to form calcium hydroxide:

CaO + H2O -> Ca(OH)2 + heat

In our production plant, burnt lime is pre-crushed. Exactly weighed lime reaches our slaking plant in grain sizes between 0 and 10 mm. There it is mixed with a precisely calculated amount of water by two counter-rotating paddle shafts, keeping temperature under constant control. Due to the mixing motion and the high reaction heat, calcium oxide is turned into fine calcium hydroxide.

The desired high-quality hydrated lime is reached using an air-classifier. It separates the hydrated lime from all non-hydrated parts. This enables us to offer you nekapur® 2, a calcium hydroxide in ideal grain size and highest construction lime quality, and nekablanc® 0 a very fine hydrated lime for special chemical applications.

nekapur® 2: Ideal for construction and industry

 This white hydrated lime is ideal for mortar and high-class plaster, processed open air with sand, different additives and binding agents. In road construction, nekapur® 2 has been proven to have a positive effect on the longevity of asphalt pavements if used in the optimal quantity of 1.5 to 2 % by weight. If used as milk of lime, nekapur® 2 neutralizes and cleans industrial wastewater. In the flue gas treatment of waste incineration plants, nekapur®2 absorbs noxious gases.

nekablanc® 0: Reduce costs with constant quality

As an alcaline activator for hydrogen peroxide, nekablanc® 0 in the form of milk of lime is used in the bleaching of paper pulp. Our white hydrated lime is very suited for this as it is of optimal grain size and free of heavy metals. Two factors that also weigh in in the production of PVC: nekablanc® 0 meets the highest standards, both as acid scavengers and in the manufacture of calcium stearate. The very fine calcium hydroxide is also used in the chemical industry as raw material for the production of various calcium salts.

As a chemical and mechanical stabilizer, nekablanc® 0 ensures a high degree of whiteness, of gloss and of superficial quality in the production of plastic and rubber additives. KFN’s calcium hydroxide also increases heat and weathering stability and notch toughness of plastic products. As a high-class replacement for lead compounds, nekablanc® 0 gives PVC form stability and rigidity against acids, leading to lower costs at constant quality.

Highest purity

The KFN lime comes from the Elggis mountain and its content of CaCO3 is naturally high: it is above 98 %.

Practically without blackspots

The uniquely high white level of 96.8 % (Spectro Color Ry) is guaranteed by our raw stones. As we lime with natural gas, our lime products are practically free of blackspots.

Constant high quality

The consistent spread of the individual grain sizes of our white hydrated lime-products is continually monitored. Additionally, the chemical purity and the humidity of the powder are constantly checked.

White hydrated lime products


Swiss Lime

Chemistry & Plastics

Efficient chemical processes and innovative plastics thanks to the incomparably pure hydrated lime from KFN.

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Swiss Lime

Food & Medicine

Healthy, enjoyable food starts with white lime from our factory. It has been certified according to ISO 22000 for food and animal feed uses.

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Industry & Construction

The buildings, roads and pathways of tomorrow are built using the finest Swiss white lime-products from KFN.

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Agriculture & Environment

Sustainable farming and healthy growth made possible using the high quality, pure lime products by KFN.

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Life Science

You will find innovative ideas for health and quality-of-life-products in the pure white lime coming from KFN – lime that has been certified for food and drinking water uses. 

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