Where CO2 emissions are reduced whenever possible

KFN has occupied itself with lowering CO2 emissions per ton and its energy consumption when mining and processing lime for decades. Thanks to investments in new technology and the full-scale switch to natural gas as a primary source of energy we could reduce CO2 emissions per ton by over 50% since 1990. This trend is supposed to continue. For this reason we commit ourselves as part of the lime industry to the Paris Climate Agreement and want to be completely climate neutral by 2050.

«We aim to constantly develop our lime production further, in order to produce lime products completely climate neutral by 2050.»

Dr Konrad H. Marti, Head of Corporate Development Kalkfabrik Netstal AG

Success figures

Success figures

-20 % CO
compared to competitors

-50 % CO
since 1994

-1.4 % CO
per year

Material and energy flows in the lime production of KFN

From the raw stones to the ready, high-quality lime product, numerous steps in the process are necessary. Across our entire material and energy flows we take an effort to limit their effects to the environment as much as possible. Investments in new kilns meant to reduce CO2 emissions are part of this as well as the operation of our own waste water treatment plant, making use of our own water cycle. This way, what we do becomes more and more gentle to the resources.

Material flows 
1 raw stones
2 overburden
3 additives (grinding aids)
4 packaging material
5 lime products
6 water cycle
7 water for hydrated lime
8 steam


9 explosives
10 vibration, noise
11 fuel
12 emissions, dust
13 natural gas
14 emissions, CO2 from fuel
15 electricity


CO2 roadmap showing the way to the future

As a member of the Association of the German Lime Industry (BVK), KFN aims at a climate neutral production by 2050.

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Innovative logistics for climate protection

156 metric tons of CO2 emissions or 1,250 truck rides could be saved by KFN in 2020 alone by switching transports from road to rail.

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«Short routes are good for the environment»

Urs Schädler, owner of Fischer Logistik, talks about his co-operation with KFN and the implementation of intelligent logistics solutions.

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