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Lime expertise and comprehensive services, such as laboratory analyses

It is KFN’s strength to refine the uniquely pure limestone to be found at the Elggis mountain in the Swiss canton of Glarus into products of outstanding quality, using human knowledge and know-how. This KFN combination can make your production or manufacturing processes even more successful. Our package of services puts us in a position to further optimize our products in line with your needs, to further develop new techniques until they are ready to hit the market, or to conquer new markets. Our broad portfolio of services ranges from the competent advice via tests done in our own laboratories to individual logistics solutions. Trust our long-standing expertise as the leading Swiss producer of quicklime.



KFN lime

Highest quality standards

In order to turn uniquely pure limestone into outstanding lime products from KFN, we need highly skilled workers, modern production facilities and technologies and a tight net of quality management controls.


Strict system of controls

We ensure that demanding national and international norms are met through our high quality standards and a strict system of controls. We do not stop there, however: it is our aim to enable you to have the most efficient and sustainable production and manufacturing processes possible, using our certified quality KFN lime and limestone.

Production processes

Consistently high lime quality

In order to ensure our quality, each single step in our lime production process is constantly monitored by our skilled personnel. We constantly put our products through tests and analyses in the laboratory on our own premises, so we can continue to guarantee the consistent high quality of our different lime products as relates to chemical purity, grain size and reactivity.

Lime works certified according to ISO / FSSC 22000

Safe for both food and drinking water use

The Kalkfabrik Netstal AG, with its processes, has been certified according to the international Food Safety System FSSC 22000 for the development and production of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide for the food and feed industry since 2016. For us, it serves as a valuable confirmation that our quality standards meet the highest requirements.


Lime production that has been certified for food uses

KFN prides itself to fulfill national and international quality standards. For this we have established a constant product and process control system. Its analyses in our own laboratory and in specialized external testing centers ensure that the current norms are met. The certification of our lime factory according to ISO / FSSC 22000 means that we fulfill highest demands on global food, animal feed and drinking water safety. It also means that KFN’s quicklime products fulfill the standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative. If requested by our customers, we also provide Halal and Kosher certificates as well as EFTCO certificates for the safety and quality of our tank cleaning.

ISO / FSSC Certificates, Production Control Certificates and Product Performance Declarations

In dialogue

Develop new solutions with lime

Innovations change industries. New technologies and fast-growing markets are created. KFN supports you in rising up to the challenges of your business in a sustainable way. For this, we not only offer you our assortment of high-class lime products, but what is even more important our constructive dialogue to find new and even better solutions together.

Specialists in quality lime

Our team consists of members with many years of experience, having a profound knowledge of everything pertaining to lime from the Elggis mountain in the Swiss canton of Glarus. These specialists take pride in optimizing our lime products and refining techniques according to your wishes. Thanks to our very modern production and processing technologies, we can get the most out of our natural lime resource for your applications.

KFN's own research & development

We maintain our own research & development department, which is constantly monitoring the quality of our lime products and, if necessary, adapting the individual steps of the process. According to your requirements, we provide individual certificates for analyses of your target markets and run test series specific to your demands.


Technical support for perfect solutions using lime

In the more than 100 years of our history, KFN has acquired a comprehensive knowledge and know-how in dealing with this fascinating stone called limestone. Our team of specialists is using this know-how to specifically support our customers coming from a variety of industries to find solutions. What is your main challenge? We put everything on the test stand and together, we will find a way to solve your product or process challenge.

Laboratory analysis and individual product tests

In our production laboratory, our experts analyze the parameters of our lime products daily using our strict quality criteria. Be it lump lime, quicklime or hydrated lime, our entire range of products is under constant quality control. Additionally, our KFN laboratories offer you the possibility to come up with your own certificate of analysis.

The best possible product and process solutions using lime

What is more, together with you we will develop changes to your products and processes, conduct benchmark tests and advise you on process optimization, manufacturing technology, storage and logistics. We put all our passion in finding the best possible use for our lime from the Swiss canton of Glarus for your success in the market(s) you operate in.

Logistics concepts

Tailored to your needs

As reliable as nature supplies us with limestone, we supply our customers with solutions using KFN lime. Thanks to our up-to-date production technology, KFN is in a position to supply you the desired amounts in a consistently high quality and at short notice. Strict adherence to delivery dates is our top priority in this aspect.

Order sizes

Flexible & individual solutions

We can adapt to your needs also when it comes to delivery conditions. Generally, there are no minimum order sizes with us, so we are able to cater to small and medium enterprises according to their wishes as well.

Packaging and Transport solutions

Safety around the clock

Our logistics support helps you to find the best solution for the relative product and the ideal delivery time, 24 hours a day, around the clock. Our packaging systems, packaging machinery and transport vehicles ensure the optimal storage and delivery that our lime products need. Via rail and truck we deliver our different products lump lime, quicklime and lime hydrates from our silos straight to you. Optionally, our lime products are available packaged in the newest generation of PE plastic bags of 20 or 25 kg each or in big bags of 800 or 1000 kg each.