KFN protagonist of the lime industry’s CO2 roadmap 2050

Bridging the gap between climate neutral production and a clima positive industry

An important part of KFN’s sustainability concept is CO2 reduction. With the lime industry roadmap 2050, KFN and the lime industry show how the Paris Agreement on climate protection can be put to work successfully in our industry.

CO2 emission prevention and climate protection are central challenges of the 21st century. This is a question that affects and challenges all of us – as humans, as an industry and as society. We all have to do our share, start now and become at least climate neutral by 2050 – at the latest.

Putting the Paris Agreement into practice

As a member of the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry (Bundesverband der deutschen Kalkindustrie, BVK), KFN is a protagonist in the lime industry’s CO2 roadmap 2050. This roadmap lays out how the lime industry will develop from climate neutral production to a climate positive industry by 2050. Following the map, KFN and the lime industry will assume their part of the responsibility of putting the Paris Agreement into practice.

Lime withdraws CO2 and can be used as a CO2 sink

What is more, with our products and their uses we can contribute our part to so-called CO2-sinks. In many applications – inter alia in plastering, when cleaning flue gas or in farming – lime acts as a CO2 trap in a positive way. This means that the use of lime will withdraw CO2 from the ambient air or the flue gas. This means that the lime industry can develop into a climate positive industry, if the lime is produced in a climate neutral way.

KFN has halved CO2 emissions stemming from fuels

Since 1994, KFN has more than halved its CO2 emissions stemming from fuels, inter alia by using highly efficient kiln facilities and by switching to natural gas as fuel. Since that fuel change, the emissions of NOwere reduced by more than 70 per cent, those of CO and SOx by more than 95 per cent, all well below the legal limits. What is more, KFN’s environmental management is certified according to the ISO norm 14001:2015; KFN also keeps an internal environmental impact matrix to further reduce its environmental footprint.

As a part of the lime industry we assume responsibility when it comes to climate protection – and we do so resolutely. KFN has to follow the law on CO2 and is part of the emissions trading scheme. It keeps the goals when it comes to CO2 reduction and is thus sticking to the statutory rules in that aspect as well.

KFN supports sustainable pioneer work

KFN is following the development of procedures that deal with CO2 storage and subsequent utilisation with special attention. It invests in a company that does pioneer work in putting such a technology to use – which will in the end be of benefit for the entire industry. 

First steps towards reaching the common goals by 2050

CO2 reduction is an important part of KFN’s sustainability concept. As an energy intensive company we are challenged in a special way. We want to and we will do our part also in the future. Making CO2 reduction feasible both technologically and economically and putting it into use is an enormous challenge. But we are determined on facing this challenge, and we will make the first steps on a long journey.

How we do this together? We show it in the lime industry roadmap 2050.

Download it now!

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