KFN switches 1,200 truckloads yearly to rail

Rail transport lowers CO2 emissions by over 150 metric tons in 2020 alone

To keep its ecologic footprint as light as possible, KFN relies on rail transport for its cargo shipments. This meant 1,259 fewer truck rides in 2020 alone, saving about 156 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

KFN supports innovative logistics solutions. Whenever possible, we use the rail as a means of transport, trucks being put to use only for the last mile(s) between the railway access point and our clients. We thus contribute a share towards lowering the emissions of harmful gases. And as the numbers of SBB Cargo, our Swiss rail partner, show, this is highly efficient. 

Environmentally friendly train transport

Over the course of the year 2020 we shipped a total of 16,370 metric tons of lime products via rail. This made 1,259 truck rides unnecessary, cutting back CO2 emissions by about 156 metric tons. Additionally, we could lower our emissions of nitrogen oxides, which inter alia are harmful for respiratory tracts of humans, by over 98 per cent. The switch to rail also had positive impacts on our emissions of particulate dust (reduction of 92.93 per cent), sulphur dioxide (reduction of 98.08 per cent) as well as non-methane hydrocarbons (reduction of 98.55 per cent). These numbers speak a clear language and make it clear that a focus on this sector is worth the while.