KFN in constant dialogue with the public

Confidence created thanks to earnest discussion

KFN engages in a dialogue with the general public, in order to be able to listen to issues and needs from different parts. CEO Heinz Marti considers this to be the foundation for a long-standing trust built between authorities, the public and KFN.


The project to extend the quarry was started in 2013. In a 2020 referendum, the population rejected zoning plans that would have prohibited this expansion by a large majority. From the start, environment protection groups as well as the general public were involved in the planning along with the authorities. CEO Heinz Marti reckons this to be one of the main reasons for the support of the project.

An invitation to take part in a dialogue

“We actively reached out to environment protection groups from the very start. We also invited the public to our plant, and we created an e-mail-address, dialog(at)kfn.ch, inviting outsiders to make their voices heard”, explains Marti. It was important for KFN to take these voices seriously, and to pay heed to concerns as the project evolved, whenever possible. “Only if you really listen to people’s concerns and show that something is done about them, true trust can emerge.”

The goal: a satisfying solution

After the referendum has been rejected, the number of replicants decreased, but their views are still important. One neighbor approached the company, raising the issue of a noise problem that was caused by a part of the facility. “We engaged in the dialogue, looked at the situation and invested in noise protection”, explains Heinz Marti. “We were thus able to find a good solution that satisfied everyone. As a company that is deeply rooted in our region, this is essential for us.”