FSSC 22000 - Extended certification for food and animal feed manufacturing

In the past years, thanks to the extraordinary purity of the KFN lime products, it has been possible to find more customers in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical sectors. To guarantee a constant hygiene in the lime production to these customers, in 2011 the executive board decided to apply for the certification according to ISO 22000. The following year this intention has been successfully implemented: since 2012 KFN disposes of the respective certificate. In the meanwhile, the global customers’ demands have increased so much, that for the next deadline an extension to FSSC 22000* is sought.

The products nekafin 2, nekafin 0, nekapur 2, nekablanc 0, nekafer 15 and nekafer 80 were selected for the validity of the certification. At first, the certification was referring exclusively to the production of food, since in that case a suitability for animal feed was automatically presumed. At our customers’ requests, in 2016 the certificate was officially extended to the animal feed production. Since then, the text of the certificate is as follows:

Field of activity
Category K
Production and sale of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide as additives for the food and animal feed industry

A company meets the requirements of the worldwide active Global Food Safety Initiative only with a FSSC 22000 certificate. For this purpose, ISO 22000 alone is not enough. Therefore, with the planned extension, KFN sets another milestone for the service of the worldwide increasing customer base.

The FSSC 22000 certification is based on the ISO 22000, but possesses further requirements concerning the protection of products towards all kinds of contamination. Emphasis is placed on an appropriate construction and disposition of buildings together with a respective arrangement of workplaces. Moreover, the supply and disposal of air, water and energy are evaluated in a more severe manner. Specific requirements are also set to personal hygiene, pest control and cross-contamination. Furthermore, the certified company must confront itself with the risk of willful contaminations. In addition, besides announced audits, also unannounced audits must be completed.

From the first pre-clarifications in discussions with the competent auditor, it appears that for this purpose still noteworthy adjustments are required. They refer mainly to improvements of the covers in the product guidance. For this purpose, structural measures but also an intensive sensitization of the staff are necessary. However, no fundamental obstacles have appeared.

KFN is thus confident in overcoming also these obstacles and in ensuring in future the additional requested product assurance to all food and animal feed customers.

*FSSC: Food Safety System Certification