Creating high-performance concrete with SMAC?


In concrete chemistry, a wide array of additives are employed to control the workability and physical properties of the cement paste. We are currently evaluating the SMAC product platform as a three-in-one additive covering the functionalities of mineral admixtures, hydrophobic agents, and superplasticizers:

  • Calcium-based particles form the core of SMAC act as active mineral admixtures in improving the setting time and compressive strength of hardened cement paste;
  • Hydrophobic surface coating exhibits a water repelling effect and thus mimics conventional hydrophobics agents;
  • Coating consist of long aliphatic hydrocarbon chains that exert repulsion forces for a better particle dispersion - similar to the effects of superplasticizers. 

With the SMAC technology, we try to combine different functionalities of common additives in concrete chemistry to produce a high-density and low-capillary high-performance concrete.

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