Swiss limestone gravel

Limestone ballast kfn netstaler

KFN Netstaler® 0 - 15 mm, mired

Good for the people – good for nature. The high-grade limestone ballast KFN Netstaler® has been used throughout Switzerland for many years: for hiking paths, paths through forests and fields as well as for transport roads, natural verges and natural pavements for parking spaces. Its valuable features turn the mired limestone ballast KFN Netstaler® 0-15 mm into a solution that makes sense both economically and environmentally.

Significant advantages

  • Enduring, stable and resilient
  • Strongly claimable: Significantly fewer potholes and erosion damage through rainfall, melting snow and frost
  • Optimal grain Distribution
  • Broken grain gives you a maximum of rigidity and stability
  • Additionally cemented through high-grade limestone mire
  • Attractive, safe and 100% natural, for active free time uses
  • Up to 40 % lower maintenance costs: Periodic re-treading necessary only after about 15 years

Unique features

KFN Netstaler® 0 - 15 mm from the Swiss canton of Glarus is a very pure limestone ballast. We have stuck to our traditional and proven recipe for its production over the years: we mix about 10% of limestone mire with the ballast. This fine lime mire produces carbonate crystals after drying, ideally cementing the broken limestone gravel together. In construction, this leads to an exceptionally high rigidity and longevity of the lime-water-joined wearing course.

Grain size
0 – 15 mm